Virtue of the day

Goodness me, lately it's been all hands on deck with no time to spare for myself, which is fine for now. But it's now almost 3am, I've just finished putting up the new range of banners online and should really be going to sleep, but instead I'm laying here thinking of all the things I need to do in about 4hrs time!

It's true what they say, "A mother's job is never done". I'm feeling it to my core haha.

So time to be more organised and though time management is not a skill I'm good at, i need to get back on track.

I really need to start acting on my own virtues and doing what I preach ;).

On another note, have you checked out our newest additions to the shop? They're super cute and dont only make a good wall decor, they're a great reminder for the kids to know they are worthy and loved.

Have a look!

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